Endorsement Video from Amb Utchay Odims 2017

Ambassador Utchay Odims is a Media/Hr consultant, Radio/TV Host, CEO and Publisher www.loveandrelate.com and LR TV (a solution site for relationship issues, news inspirational quotes and job creation for young people).He is also the publisher www.nigeriandailyopinion.blogspot.com (a site were every ones voice and opinion matters)Ambassador utchay odims(mabs) is the 
md/ceo to the award winning fastest growing renting,leasing and car hire company in Nigeria JONELLIES AUTOS (www.jautos.com.ng) with hundreds of brand new cars and jeeps with Internet access on the move and well trained educated drivers to provide 1st class experience across Nigeria .
Ambassador utchay odims because of his passion for to see our african women function with high sense of purpose driven by integrity organised and directed a beauty peagant to give a voice to our young ladies in Nigeria called  Miss United Nations Nigeria (the first ever free and fair pageant in Africa) with 5 categories for single ladies,married women,teenagers and ladies that have kids.
utchay Odims among his numerous achievements discovered and trained in one of his numerous youth training events the former most beautiful girl in Nigeria (mbgn) Anna banner mbgn 2013/14.
He is also a Director to G-Factor Foundation with offices in UK, SOuth Africa, Geneva, US and Nigeria and he is the project director to National Youth Summit Nigeria ( the largest youth capacity & Empowerment gathering in africa with over 127 000 participants in attendance in abuja )
he is a co-ofounder to African global entertainment(Age) 
He is the organisers of National entertainment training summit (nets) www.nets.com.ng a talent discovery,training and mentorship platform for young upcoming and established entertainers  .  Amb. Utchay is a motivational speaker, Life Coach, Relationship and Leadership Consultant. He is also a United Nations Youth Ambassador organiser  United nations zebra crossing save life campaign .
Amb utchay is the founder  to African Leadership Empowerment Network Foundation. He is also a board member of Fotip foundation the foundation of  Fiona amuzie mbgn (2012) he is also Board member to Eight foundation (A project of Ezinne Miss Nigeria 2014),
Also a board member of seed foundation (A project of the MBGN 2012 sylvia nduka), strategic consultant to Snowhite Heart Foundation. 
Amb utchay odims is a multiple award winning Youth & Leadership Icon both in Europe,USA and Africa .Utchay odims has been a very strategic inspiration to thousands of Nigerian youths and  successful entrepreneurs from across the african continent. Ambassador Utchay Odims was recently inducted as a full professional member of African business school(Abs).
Ambassador utchay odims is the African director of young CEOs business forum international(A platform that connects African young entrepreneurs to top international global successful entrepreneurs).  Through his numerous mentorships and trainings he has produced industry leaders in the entrepreneurial, government, fashion and beauty pageantry, bussiness, entertainment and more, Amb Utchay odims has even gone as far as locating and mentoring talents in the prison by building a recording studio to help the prisoners discover their talents and hereby become agents of change.